SCHAUENBURG Industrial Engineering Group is a company that combines, coordinates and offers the services of various sister companies. Like us, these companies belong to the SCHAUENBURG Group. We have in common many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge combined with the latest technology. Thus for instance we have been in the hose technology market since 1864. And the production of moulded parts originates from a company that was founded back in 1901.

With SCHAUENBURG Industrial Engineering Group we offer you all the products and services from a single source. You have a central point of contact for all questions, tasks and individual solutions. Thanks to our flexible management of our services and skills we are in a position to fulfil even very complex and comprehensive orders in a reliable and timely manner.

  • Combining skills on the assumption of “The right flexible solution for every application”
  • Partners and suppliers with skills centres and operating sites throughout Germany and well beyond
  • A company of the SCHAUENBURG INTERNATIONAL Group
  • SCHAUENBURG Industrial Engineering Group as the central point of contact
  • All the solutions from a single source
  • Great flexibility and capacity