From reels of hose to the finished and inspected hose, we are a certified supplier to many inspection companies, with a comprehensive range of services such as mobile hose inspections.

Profile technology

Customised profiles from innovative vacuum profiles for the glass industry to temperature-resistant and recyclable foam pipes for the automotive sector.

Rubber and plastic

Wide range of products with moulded parts for short and long production runs, weights from 1 to 200 g, all materials, 24/7 production as required for many sectors.


Stamped parts

Individually produced solutions manufactured from rubber and plastic, to tight tolerances, economical and sustainable, rapid implementation and short leadtimes, small or large volumes.


Production sites

Throughout Germany and in neighbouring European countries with production sites, high capacity and flexibility thanks to the integration of the skills centres of our group in SCHAUENBURG Industrial Engineering Group.


Manufacturing facilities

OEM partnership with varied services from packaging and finishing and initial setup with subassemblies to logistical support with Kanban warehouses.


Individual solutions

The varied options provided by the close cooperation of our skills centres guarantee you solutions that are tailored to your individual requirements in every respect. Each cog fits perfectly into the next. On quality and service, a high level of cost efficiency and our claim to be able to manufacture products that are impressive not only in economic terms but also ecological ones. SCHAUENBURG Industrial Engineering Group is your strong partner for a shared and sustainable future. We would be happy to inform you today of your first-class opportunities.