Flexible moulded parts for industries: Small to large series

Moulded rubber parts are indispensable in many industries as they are extremely adaptable and are produced in various shapes and sizes. They are highly resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals and UV radiation, which significantly extends their service life. They also offer excellent sealing performance, which is invaluable for the automotive, medical and food industries in particular. Various rubber qualities are processed in injection moulding, compression moulding or transfer moulding processes for precision solutions made to measure. In addition to the production of small and large series, we also support you in the development of prototypes.

Examples of Rubber Moulded Parts:

PH 05 Spalten 225x225SB IT PH GrauSB IT PH GrauSB IT PH GrauSB IT PH GrauMoulded rubber parts: moulded part group for facade construction, moulded rubber parts, cover seal, bellows for motorhome heating

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From left to right Fig.: End cap for cooling line, filter seal, inner knob for mirror adjustment, feed-through for piping, laminate clamp as cover

Customized solutions

Depending on requirements, the developments are made of various materials and are optimally adapted to the respective requirement profiles. You can choose from tried and tested design variants. Hard/soft combinations are just as possible as dipped or ready-made moulded rubber parts. Do you need rubber-metal connections? We will be happy to advise and supply you here too.

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  • Available in various materials, Shore hardnesses and colors
  • Wide range of applications, e.g. seals for cable/rope pulling systems, buffers, bellows, grommets, sleeves, gearbox seals, stop systems for door seals, vibration damping, sealing elements for switchgear/switch cabinets, pump seals
  • Small and large series
  • Development of prototypes
  • Injection moulding, compression moulding or transfer moulding processes

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Rubber bellows

Rubber bellows are versatile components that are particularly popular in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries. They protect machines from harmful environmental influences, extend the service life of components and thus minimize potential repair costs. They can also reduce maintenance costs, increase the efficiency of moving parts and are customizable in terms of size and material. Another advantage of bellows is that they provide additional safety by covering dangerous parts and thus minimizing the risk of injury. And last but not least, components with bellows almost always look better than those without.

Bellows: Commercial vehicles

Example: Bellows for commercial vehicles bus or truck

Rubber Profiles

The variety of rubber profiles plays a decisive role in industry and technology. With these tailor-made components, even very complex shapes and functions can be realized efficiently. From seals to vibration dampers: our expertise guarantees first-class products and solutions for almost all manufacturing sectors at all times.

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In the picture below you can see a selection of our drawing-based moulded rubber parts in various sizes. Our qualified team will work closely with you to develop the optimum solution for your product based on your drawing and the specified application. Our extensive knowledge of methodological skills and the processes involved in the development phases guarantee maximum precision and reliability in planning and implementation. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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