Strong thanks to safety and sustainability

Customer service is our number one priority. Process-orientated services such as kitting and the finishing of products ensure this, as does our support with Kanban warehouses. In addition, we offer other services that ensure safety and sustainability. One example is the mobile and stationary hose inspections in hose technology. Inspected and correctly operating hoses ensure not only long-term economical operation of plant but are also indispensable to the protection of staff and the environment.

Another example is our HYDAC Oil service. With this systematic maintenance and inspection scheme we contribute to the extension of the useful lives of hydraulic units, lubrication systems and electrohydraulic control units and regulators. The tailored services also include our C parts management. This covers all of logistics from procurement to stockholding and the provision of C parts. In this way you lighten your warehouse stocks, tie up less capital and benefit from optimum certainty of supply.

  • Mobile and stationary hose inspections
  • Oil service and analysis
  • C parts management

What can we do for you? We would be happy to advise you about our services for better safety, profitability and sustainability. Contact us now here.

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