Renewable Energies

The Power of Excellence - solar power, wind power and hydrogen

By 2030, 60 percent of Germany's energy demands are to be covered by renewable energy sources. The aim is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and achieve important climate protection goals. SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik supplies sustainable products and concepts for a climate-friendly energy supply. With its Hose Technology, Plastic Injection Moulding, Sealing Technology, Production Technology and Profile Technology divisions, the company covers key areas of focus in order to offer environmentally friendly solutions for alternative energy generation.

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The expansion of solar plants, wind parks and hydroelectric power plants is one of the central elements of the energy turnaround. With our tested hose systems under the VIGOT® and MAXIMALL® brands, we supply a wide range of industries that play an important role in alternative energy generation. Offshore wind energy in particular is increasingly establishing itself in the German electricity mix.

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Here, as with all other areas of alternative energy generation, optimized plant technology helps to reduce costs. Due to higher full-load hours, the efficiency of offshore wind parks is twice as high as that of comparable plants onshore. In this way, wind parks at sea make a significantly higher and more sustainable contribution to the energy supply. SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik's portfolio includes hose lines for simple industrial applications, through to hydraulic hoses, profile technology, moulded parts made of rubber and high-performance plastics, therefore providing a comprehensive overall program for industry.



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  • Diverse products

    The bundling of our competencies and capacities enables us to act as a system supplier and to accompany national as well as international large-scale projects in the sense of a one-stop solution. All products from Plastic Injection Moulding or rubber, from the field of Hose Technology, Profile Technology and Sealing Technology, as well as from Etching and Fine Laser Technology now come from a single source.

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Renewable Energies

Customized service

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. That's why we optimally tailor our services to the various processes of our industrial customers. We support smooth and cost-efficient work processes with the individual assembly and packaging of subassemblies. In this way, everything is prepared as required from the first to the last step for rapid assembly.

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We provide solutions

SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik is purposefully oriented to the requirements of the market. We are system partner for:
· On- and offshore wind power
· Hydrogen refueling
· Cooling systems in the high temperature range
· Bioenergy
· Solar energy
As a future-proof industrial partner, we offer environmentally compatible and sustainable solutions for our customers.

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  • Hose Systems

    Thanks to excellent market knowledge and a high level of customer orientation, SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik supplies the right connection for every hose application with its VIGOT® brand.

    As a sales partner of well-known manufacturers, we have a wide range of proven products made of elastomers, thermoplastics or metal in the Hose Technology division. We are able to fulfill all requirements in terms of operating pressure, temperature, media resistance, bending radius, vibrations or noise insulation in an optimum manner.

  • Applications

    · Suction hoses

    · Compressed air hoses

    · Fire protection hoses
    · Condensate hoses

    · Cooling water hoses
    · Gas hoses
    · High temperature hoses
    · Oil and gasoline hoses

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  • Steel and metal construction

    In the steel and metal sector, SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik manufactures containers in a wide variety of designs according to customer specifications in order to meet the requirements for the application area. This example in the wind energy segment shows a distributor in the field of water cooling. Due to the complexity of the different cooling systems, it is mandatory to distribute the cooling liquid over several levels in order to achieve optimum cooling performance.


    We also produce other distributors in the area of maintenance units. It is important here to be able to remove the coolant from the cooling circuit without interruption in order to reduce machine downtimes as much as possible.

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  • Other product areas

    · Plastic Injection Moulding
    · Rubber Moulded Parts
    · Rubber-Metall Connections
    · Profile Technology
    · Sealing Technology

  • Applications

    · Cable gland
    · Connector
    · Rattle guard
    · Covers
    · Door seals
    · Magnetic tapes
    · Custom made products

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  • Safety First

    We are certified as qualified person according to the industrial safety regulation for the testing of hose assemblies. We test according to the Betriebssicherheitsverordnung (BetrSichV), Paragraph 10 and the guideline standard T002 der Berufsgenossenschaft der chemischen Industrie (BG RCI).

  • Certifications

    · DIN EN ISO 9001
    · DIN EN ISO 14001
    · APQP4 Wind
    · DNV approved for the assembly of type-tested hoses and couplings

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Wind Energy Technology

Wind power On- and Offshore

Humans have been able to use the power of the wind for centuries. However, the technical possibilities to fully exploit the potential have only existed for a few decades. Offshore wind energy is an important building block in energy and climate policy. SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik provides support here with its portfolio from various areas. Moulded parts and seals made of plastic, maintenance units, door seals, magnetic tapes and individual solutions according to our customers' requirements now come from a single source.

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1. Watercooling system
2. Distributor
3. Steel construction
4. Switch cabinet
5. Generator
6. Converter
7. Air breather tank
8. Cooling cabinet
9. Maintenance unit
10. Transformer
11. Pump units

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