3D-Modeling | Sampling

The conversion of the two-dimensional drawing into a raster model, the so-called 3D modeling, is one of the basic tasks before the prototype is created. With the realistic representation and better spatial idea of the body, further optimizations for the product are worked out. With applied textures, a solid model is created for excellent visualization.

In addition, prototypes allow the production of verifiable intermediate states, which is particularly important for complex and modular products for demanding industries such as automotive, renewable energy or consumer goods.

This allows us to perform optical and mechanical tests already on the prototypes, such as: pressure tests for the hose assemblies, in order to achieve an optimal result in series production.

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Bellows: Commercial vehicles

Example: Bellows for commercial vehicles bus or truck

Prototype manufacturing methods | Sampling

At SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik, prototype production is carried out in proven individual steps, which are accompanied and monitored by our experts in material development, construction and product design. We can use the following methods for this purpose:


Producing a prototype using 3D printing has many advantages. Sophisticated geometries that are difficult to achieve using other methods can be produced with virtually no problems using 3D printing. Complex undercuts, cavities, holes and more are no problem.

Prototype tool

A prototype tool is produced for the Plastic Injection Moulding manufacturing process or also for the Rubber Moulded Parts and Moulded Hoses. We always produce our prototype tools in the same quality and precision as the tools for the final application. In this way, we ensure that the series production corresponds 100% to the expectations from the development phase.


For hose assemblies, sampling is more appropriate. Depending on the requirements and application, as well as the flow media, the individual assembly and integration of the fittings is the best basis for testing. Hose testing is carried out at our in-house test stations with designated test certificates, thus providing security for the application.

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For smaller quantities, simple components or if the priority is cost, we also offer the option of using the prototype tool for the entire production.

Whether 3D printing, prototype tooling or sampling with these methods, the end result is a tangible product for initial mechanical and optical testing. In this way, we guarantee the highest quality at all times.

Our technical consultants will be happy to review your requirements and explain the possibilities for small batches. Please feel free to call us or send us an email for your product area.

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