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Fast and precise

Exact details and sharp contours: For the production of metal parts with complex structures, we combine the highest technical level from two worlds of technology. With etching technology and fine laser technology, we offer you perfected production processes for metal workpieces with maximum precision down to the hundredth of a millimetre range. Even with extremely thin metals of 0.003 mm, tolerances are minimal. Precision components made of materials such as stainless steel, nickel, aluminium, copper or even gold and titanium are the result of exact laser cuts and perfectly etched surfaces without burrs or thermal deformation. The combination of both processes combines the advantages of laser cutting with the extraordinary properties of etching. When the integrity of the workpieces is a top priority, etching and fine laser technology are often the most suitable metalworking methods because the elasticity and magnetic nature of the metal is not affected.

Effective and economical in production

The use of etching and fine laser technology is a cost-effective alternative for the production of metal blanks. The optical tools that are used here are quickly ready for use compared to punching tools made of metal, for example.

Depending on the application and geometric product specification, etching technology and fine laser technology is ideally suited for the production of complex metal parts. This applies to prototypes, small and very small runs as well as to series production. Regardless of the quantity, each workpiece is the perfect result of an optimized production process.