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Customised system solutions with profile

Profile systems are needed just as much in vehicle and railway carriage manufacture as in the glass industry and the manufacture of windows and doors. As a specialist in profile technology using varied materials and grades including natural rubber, silicone, soft PVC and PE rigid foam, we create solutions for you that are tailored to your individual requirements from A to Z. Examples of development such as our innovative vacuum profiles for use in the glass sector and temperature-resistant and recyclable foam pipes which are used in the car industry confirm this quality. Our outstanding strengths include self-adhesive profiles. Our lamination process permits various materials to be made self-adhesive. The double-sided adhesive tape may be used for permanent grip or as an assembly aid.

Customers’ requirements in profile technology are decidedly individual and varied. So production operates almost exclusively on the basis of drawings or specifications. Talk to us about your ideas. We can produce any customised profile you desire. This also includes complex combinations of materials e.g. profiles with incorporated steel ribbing, magnetic profiles and co-extruded foam rubber/solid rubber profiles.

  • Advice, development, design and finishing – everything from a single source
  • Selection of materials and prototype manufacture
  • Customised profile solutions to high standards
  • Cutting, gluing, manual processing, notching and vulcanising profiles, making them self-adhesive and cutting contours in them
  • Certified quality management
  • All profiles in quantities from as little as 500 m
Foam pipes e.g. protective covering for cable hoist and actuator systems, protective coverings for cable tree systems, rattle protection
  • Schlauchtechnik Teaser Armaturen

    Suitable for all industrial applications:

    · Windscreen gaskets
    · Rattle suppression and damping
    · Seals and covers
    · Silicone switch profiles
    · Expansion joint profiles
    · Measuring technology
    · Automotive engineering
    · and others

  • Schlauchtechnik Teaser Armaturen


    · By the metre
    · Fixed lengths
    · Assembly of endless rings, frames or inflatable gaskets
    · Special profiles with cable strands, yarn reinforcement, according to customer requirements
    · Standard profiles such as round- und square profiles and also U-profiles

  • Schlauchtechnik Teaser Armaturen

    Materials Rubber: Materials Plastics:

    · Viton
    · EPDM
    · Silicone
    · SBR
    · CR
    · NBR
    · NR
    · and more


    · PE
    · PP
    · TPE
    · PA
    · PU
    · PU
    · PVC
    · and more


Vacuum lip profiles e.g. profile systems for vehicle and railway carriage manufacturing, sealing profiles and profile systems for windows and doors, cover profiles