100% quality control upon request

Quality assurance is a top priority at SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik. This includes detailed documentation of all production processes and development steps. Thanks to reliable and intelligent quality management, we offer first-hand perfection. We constantly and continuously test our products with regard to quality, thus ensuring transparency and safety.

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As a modern, technology-oriented company, we practice active quality management certified to DIN ISO 9001 and environmental management to DIN ISO 14001. Aligned to the highest standards, we offer reliable and sustainable solutions with lasting high quality. Our process flows are oriented to the special requirements of a sustainable, environmentally compatible production process with social responsibility.

For our customers, depending on the products supplied, we arrange the following:

  • Plastic Injection Moulding
  • Hose Technology
  • Rubber Moulded Parts
  • Profile Technology
  • Sealing Technology
  • Etching and Fine Laser Technology,

a 100% and complete quality inspection.


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Depending on the requirements, for example in the automotive industries with a standard 100% control test or in hose technology with initial and repeat tests according to the guideline standards T002 of the Berufsgenossenschaft der chemischen Industrie (BG RCI). As a market-conscious company, we are tested, certified and authorized by classification societies for various qualifications. For detailed information please visit the download area.

Our technical consultants will be pleased to accompany and support you with your requirements. Do not hesitate to get in touch and choose the right consultant for your zip code region or take the opportunity to contact the key account.

We will be happy to assist you with our know-how in your questions regarding quality assurance.

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