QuantiFit 2: Mask Fit Testing

Safety First: Tailored Respirator Fitting

At SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik, we recognize the critical role of dependable respiratory protection for your workforce. That's why we're excited to present the newest advancement in respiratory protection technology: the QuantiFit 2 by OHD. As an authorized sales and service partner of OHD, Schauenburg Industrietechnik is dedicated to enhancing safety through effective respiratory masks. Trust in our experience and expertise for optimal workplace safety.

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QuantiFit 2 - The Future of Respiratory Fit Testing: On the left, the user-friendly device; on the right, in outdoor use at a construction site.

Why choose QuantiFit 2?

  • Patented CNP (Controlled Negative Pressure) Technology:

    Rely on cutting-edge technology for precise mask leakage measurements. With QuantiFit 2, you can trust that your respiratory protection functions reliably.

  • Compliant testing to ISO 16975-3 | DGUV 112-190:

    QuantiFit 2 not only meets the highest safety standards but also helps you document compliance with international regulations and guidelines.

  • No consumables required:

    Save both time and money with QuantiFit 2. Its innovative technology eliminates the need for additional consumables during the seal fit test.

  • Lifetime guarantee on the drive:

    Count on the durability and reliability of QuantiFit 2. We offer a lifetime warranty on the actuator, ensuring long-term protection for your investment.

  • Safe - Fast - Simple - Digital:

    QuantiFit 2 provides a secure, rapid, and straightforward method to assess respirator fit. Its digital interface allows for efficient result documentation and management.

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SB IndTech OHD QuantiFit2 Einsatz Feuerwehr Polizei DSC03533Der QuantiFit2 im Einsatz: Optimale Safety for Firefighters and Police Officers.

Individual fit check for maximum safety

Every employee is unique, and their respiratory protection should be too. With QuantiFit 2, we provide tailored fit checks to ensure each employee is optimally protected. Your safety is our priority.

Contact us today to learn more about QuantiFit 2 and offer your employees top-notch respiratory protection.

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