From approval to successful products

Seamlessly from the idea to production. We are at your side in every phase of the project. We develop and improve your product from prototype to series production readiness, always with the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Series maturity is proven by the combination of perfect product characteristics and absolutely consistent quality in continuous production. We bring your product to series production readiness, regardless of whether it involves small runs or large quantities. The development and production of C-parts for the automotive sector is a convincing example of this capability. New findings from research and development are part of our application technology consulting.

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100 % Quality – in series

To ensure maximum quality in mass production at all times, we carry out various measures. We sample the mould, e.g. for Plastic Injection Moulding or for rubber profiles, and in Sealing Technology for series production, e.g. by optical measurement and other metrological processes. In this way, we match the actual condition with the drawing, customer requirements and prototypes.
In Hose Technology, each individual hose is tested in the test station and issued with its own test certificate. This unmistakable assignment ensures safety and allows everyone to trace the production chain. Here, with hose assemblies, we offer the highest level of safety, simply through the subsequent repeat tests, for example for hose assemblies in the food industry.

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An excerpt from our quality tests depending on the product:
In the production of Plastic Injection Moulding:

  • Tolerances in the hundredths of a millimeter range
  • False color test
  • Squareness
  • Accuracy of fit
  • Cylindricity
  • Gloss level

Our hose tests consist of three components

  • the visual hose inspection
  • the electrical conductivity test
  • the pressure test with water

We will gladly inform you about further tests on request.

For the proof of our certifications we recommend the download area: click here.

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These and other tests result in a precise measurement report for our customers. We repeat the test cycle - as far as necessary - until final approval by our customers. Only when all parameters have been determined to your and our fullest satisfaction do we start series production. In series production, the quality characteristics are monitored by tests of the control mass accompanying the series.

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Our production facilities, which are spread all over Germany, are highly flexible and modern and also designed for large and small capacities. Every order is fulfilled just-in-time. Whatever ideas you have in mind, we will accompany you with our know-how until series production is ready and offer you quality-assured production. Send us your requests and inquiries directly: Click here to get to the contact persons.

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