Green Technology for Agriculture

System Components for Farmland - Increasing Efficiency and Conserving Resources

Innovative technologies for sustainable agriculture - VIGOT® Agricultural Technology is at the forefront of this movement. With system components from the fields of Hose Technology, Plastic Injection Moulding, Etching and Fine Laser Technology, Rubber Moulded Parts, Sealing Technology and Profile Technology, we offer customized solutions that meet the requirements of the agricultural industry. Our state-of-the-art products are designed to increase the efficiency of agricultural processes and improve the durability of equipment while minimizing the environmental footprint. We rely on the "Power of Excellence" to provide farmers with tools that make their operations more efficient and environmentally friendly.

SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Erntemaschinen und BewässerungstechnikSCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Agrartechnik Schlauchtechnik Gülleschlauch und Hydraulikschlauch

The integration of advanced technologies in precision agriculture and smart farming is a fundamental pillar for the future direction of the agricultural industry. Our proven brand hose systems VIGOT® and MAXIMALL® play a critical role in these innovative projects.

The modern agricultural industry is facing a captivating dynamic of global food shortages and environmental challenges. Amid limited resources and growing environmental awareness, innovative approaches to sustainable production and efficient management are becoming key drivers. From precise irrigation solutions that use variable rate fertilization to consider the optimal nutrient content of the soil, to smart farm management software that integrates data from staellite imagery, our system components help increase the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural processes.

SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Konfektionierung und QualitätskontrolleSCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Bedienelemente und Steuerung Fahrkabine Kunststoffspritzguss

Original equipment is just as much a part of our business as the supply of drawing-based hose assemblies and replacement hose assemblies, as well as products in plastic and rubber. Made in Germany, production facilities throughout Germany ensure security in the supply chains. In our workshop we manufacture and assemble hose assemblies, in the production for plastic injection molding we manufacture 24/7 and the rubber molded parts are created on time for your needs.

Hose lines from DN 2 to DN 300 with the corresponding fittings are assembled in our plants. There are different connection techniques for the fittings for each hose assembly, depending on the requirements. They can be assembled as plug-in connections, clamp fastenings, reusable screw fittings, crimp connections or welded fittings on metal hoses. For quality control, leakage and pressure tests with up to 4000 bar are carried out, depending on the requirements.

Products from the area of Plastic Injection Moulding and Rubber Moulded Parts are predominantly found in the cabs of commercial vehicles from the agricultural and construction industries. Seat lever handles, rubber sleeves and bellows are just a few examples from this area. From consulting, tooling to production, we accompany you for the product world of plastics and rubber.

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SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Qualitätskontrolle für Agrar-Schlauchtechnik

Our VIGOT® agricultural technology product range extends from high-quality hose lines for diverse agricultural applications to special components made of high-performance plastics and rubber. This comprehensive selection enables the agricultural industry to operate in a forward-looking manner in the modern agricultural landscape and to achieve sustainable results. In much the same way that offshore wind turbines are gaining importance in the energy mix, precision agriculture is helping to shape the agricultural industry for the future and minimize its environmental footprint.

  • SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Agrartechnik Steuerlemente Bedienelement aus Kunststoff

  • Variety of products

    The bundling of our competences and capacities enables us to act as a system supplier and to accompany national as well as international large-scale projects in the sense of a one-stop solution. All products from plastic injection molding or rubber, from the field of hose technology, profile technology and sealing technology, as well as from etching and fine laser technology now come from one source.

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Agricultural Technology

Customized service

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. That is why we optimally tailor our services to the various processes of our industrial customers. We support smooth and cost-efficient work processes by individually assembling and packaging subassemblies. In this way, everything is prepared as required from the first to the last step for rapid assembly.

SB IT CTA Profiltechnik Ihr Anwendungsbereich

We offer solutions

SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik has a clear focus on market requirements and acts as a reliable partner for a wide range of industry needs. We offer innovative solutions for:
· Smart farming: operating and control
· Agricultural machinery
· Renewable energies, including bioenergy solutions
· Irrigation technology / Hose Technology
· Food production and processing

Our role as a forward-looking industry partner is reflected in environmentally sound and sustainable solutions that advance our customers in the agricultural industry.

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  • SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Agrartechnik Schlauchsysteme für Hydraulik

  • Hose systems

    Due to excellent market knowledge and distinctive customer orientation, SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik offers with the brand VIGOT® tailor-made solutions for every requirement:

    · Hydraulic hoses
    · Suction hoses
    · Compressed air hoses
    · Cooling water hoses
    · Hydrogen hoses
    · Air and gas hoses
    · High temperature hoses
    · Oil and gasoline hoses
    · Manure hoses
    · Food and beverage hoses
    · Chemical and pharmaceutical hoses
    · Metal hoses
    · Rewind technology

  • Application areas

    · Irrigation systems
    · Liquid manure spreading
    · Spraying and fertilizer application
    · Milk and feed transport, milking systems
    · Air and gas lines
    · Hydraulic systems and fuel lines
    · Tillage and tires

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  • SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Öldruckmaster für Agrartechnik und Hydraulik Antriebstechnik

  • Oil Pressure Master

    Disconnected hydraulic hoses can be pressurized by sunlight, making re-connections difficult. Forcibly opening the coupling plug can cause damage and risk oil leaks. Conventional tools such as pliers are not a safe alternative.

  • The system

    · Oil pressure master with plug under pressure
    · Oil pressure master with sleeve under pressure
    · Oil Pressure Master FlatFace
    · Oil Pressure Master fixed mounting
    · Oil pressure master fixed assembly FlatFace

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  • SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Agrartechnik Hubzylinder und Handpumpe

  • Lifting cylinder | Hand pump

    In agricultural technology, lifting cylinders are crucial components for various applications that require precise and powerful movement. Our lifting cylinders are manufactured with the highest precision using advanced manufacturing technologies. We rely on high-quality valuable materials such as robust steels and other specialized alloys. These materials ensure high load capacity, corrosion resistance and durability in the demanding environments of the agricultural industry.

  • Applications

    · Driver's cab
    · Dumper Loader
    · Construction vehicles
    · Lifting platform
    · Harvesters
    · Soil cultivation

  • Kunststoffspritzguss Bedienelemente und Steuerkomponenten

  • Plastic Injection Moulding

    From ergonomic controls for agricultural machinery to protective covers for sensitive equipment components, these versatile parts are indispensable. Filter housings keep fluids clean, while hose connections in irrigation systems ensure reliable fluid flow. In addition, Plastic Injection Moulded Parts contribute to air circulation in animal housing. Whether in electronic components or as brackets, custom Plastic Injection Moulded Parts optimize the functionality of agricultural equipment.

  • Applications

    · Control and operating elements
    · Including the assembly of components
    · Regulation of seat control
    · Protective bath covers
    · Hose connections
    · Filter housings
    · Ventilation components
    · Plastic coverings
    · Handles and grips

  • SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Agrartechnik Formschläuche gewickelt und extrudiert

  • Moulded Hoses

    SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik offers high-quality moulded hose solutions, tailor-made for the demands of the agricultural industry. Our moulded hoses are manufactured using advanced technologies from robust elastomers that offer high resistance to environmental influences and chemicals. Our expert teams consider technical requirements as well as individual needs to design and manufacture moulded hoses that meet the high standards of modern agricultural technology.

  •  Applications

    · Irrigation systems
    · Slurry application
    · Spraying and fertilizer applications
    · Transport and storage technologies
    · Feed mixer wagons (charge air line)
    · Heating systems

  • SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Agrartechnik Gummi-Metall Formteile

  • Other products areas

    These examples illustrate the wide range of applications for rubber molded parts, profile technology and sealing technology in agricultural engineering, which contribute to the functionality, safety and durability of agricultural equipment.

    · Rubber Moulded Parts
    · Rubber-metal compounds
    · Profile Technology
    · Sealing Technology

  • Applications

    · Bellows
    · Sealing profiles and /-rings
    · Drive belts
    · Rubber buffers and sleeves
    · U-profiles as protective edges
    · Rubber extrusions
    · Dil seals
    · Dust seals
    · O-rings in hydraulic systems

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Schlauchtechnik für Milchbetriebe und MilchsammelfahrzeugeSCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Agrartechnik Vertical Farming Schlauchtechnik und Kunststoffspritzguss

Agricultural Technology

Modern agricultural technologies

Thanks to technological advances, we now have a wide range of means at our disposal to maximize efficiency and sustainability in the agricultural industry. The agricultural industry makes a significant contribution to food supply and environmental protection goals. SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik contributes to these goals by offering its broad product portfolio in various fields. From molded plastic parts and seals to maintenance units, door seals, magnetic tapes and customized solutions according to our customers' needs - we offer comprehensive support for the agricultural industry from a single source.

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  1. Engine compartment
  2. Driver's cab
  3. Control and operating elements
  4. Slurry and manure handling
  5. Soil cultivation
  6. Seed drills
  7. Harvesting machines
  8. Milking technology
  9. Feeding technology
  10. Municipal technology
  11. Cooling technology
  12. Planting machines
  13. Sprinkling systems and drainage technology

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Systemkomponenten für Agrartechnik Smart Farming und Präzisionslandwirtschaft

In the agricultural industry, just as in all other areas of modern agriculture, optimized technology plays a key role in reducing costs. Efficiency improvements in agricultural production can maximize yields and conserve resources. Innovative approaches, such as precise irrigation systems and smart farming practices, are capable of significantly increasing productivity.

A notable example of these advances is Vertical Farming, which uses innovative technologies such as LED lighting and hydroponic growing systems to grow crops in vertical stacks and minimize space requirements. These modern approaches are supported by SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik's wide range of products - from hose systems and rubber molded parts to profile and sealing technology - to meet the challenges of the modern agricultural industry.

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