Modern production for highest demands

Our customers highly appreciate the wide range of manufacturing technologies we use to produce standard and special profiles. The choice of production method depends on the size, complexity, surface finish, tolerance and batch size required. Whether your profile consists of a single material or a complex combination of several materials, we cut, glue and fold fully automatically or manually. We supply 2K profiles, 3K profiles, 4K profiles and 5K profiles. Further processing steps add the desired abrasion resistance and required quality to the final product.

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    · Salt bath extrusion
    · Hot air extrusion
    · Foam extrusion
    · Multi-component extrusion (coextrusion)

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    · Impact vulcanization
    · Corner vulcanization
    · Frame vulcanization

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    · Punching, milling and notching
    · Cutting, contour cutting
    · Bonding of components
    · Self-adhesive assembly aids
    · Hot and cold lamination

All from a single source

You want to successfully realize your project or product and need a service-oriented partner to do so - Schauenburg supplies high-quality profiles, profile systems and system components completely from a single source. The combination of consulting, development and production allows our customers freedom of design, even for special profiles without concessions. As a technology leader for industrial profiles in the glass and automotive industries, we are constantly working on the further development of our production methods. This means that we can always implement your requirements efficiently and in line with your specific needs.

Get in Touch

Talk to us about your wishes and ideas! Our expertise in engineering makes us a reliable partner for all projects right from the start. Use our contact form.

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From left to right Fig.: Co-extruded, milled slot, punched and water-jet foam profile, magnetic tapes, TPE profile
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    Special productions

    Production is almost exclusively based on drawings or specifications. Talk to us about your ideas: We will produce any desired profile for you according to your specifications. This also includes complex material combinations.

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    Our service

    · Consulting and material selection
    · Development and prototyping
    · Construction
    · Assembly

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    Your advantages

    · Everything from a single source
    · All profiles in quantities from 500 m
    · Certified quality management
    · Customized profile solutions

Further processing

Magnetic profiles

We manufacture magnetic tapes and magnetic profiles as standard according to length, width, thickness and shape, or as an individual special profile. This includes profiles with bar, foot, groove or shapes such as U, H, F, T and more. Magnetization is made according to your personal specifications in N, NS, NSN, NSNS or any other variant. The magnetic tapes are made of a mixture of iron ferrite with rubber and are also available self-adhesive. For even more grip, we recommend anisotropic magnetic tapes with about 30% more adhesive force.

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SB IT C MAGNETISCHE PROFILE 21102 187 BPT SCHAUENBURG Profiltechnik v1Self-adhesive profiles

We have special expertise in self-adhesive profiles. These are laminated with a double-sided adhesive tape after extrusion. With production equipment developed specifically for this purpose, it is possible to equip almost all common plastic, rubber and foam materials with an adhesive tape that adheres permanently or only serves as an assembly aid. This makes further processing much easier for the customer.

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Schauenburg Industrietechnik works as a partner for technical solutions towards a future in which technology and quality achieve real improvements - economically and ecologically at the same time. With our high production depth and the extensive know-how of our employees, we exert a great influence on all ecological aspects of business management. In our production, we pay attention to the energy efficiency of the equipment used and avoid packaging waste as far as possible. And the proper disposal of unavoidable scrap material is a matter of course.

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