Professional engineering: development and design

Rubber and plastics are our world. We are constantly working on testing new materials, which often results in technological improvements. The latest findings from research and development are incorporated into the application engineering of projects. As do the many years of expertise and experience of our employees. This results in innovative strength that you can use specifically for your purposes.

After the first detailed consultations, the examination of the drawing, the determination of application sites (weather conditions), outdoor or indoor, strengths, load resistances, tolerances and quality requirements, especially the material used, we deal with the construction drawing as a basis for the later production.

SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Entwicklung und Konstruktion Büro Gummiformteile

Especially in the field of Plastic Injection Moulding, the design drawing is a supporting element.
A number of questions arise here: Is the design drawing already optimized for production? Are there further optimization possibilities, such as designing the parts to suit the plastic for a particularly light and stable part geometry?

SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Entwicklung und Konstruktion Büro Schlauchtechnik ArmaturenSCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Entwicklung und Konstruktion Beratung Dichtungstechnik

Often we can achieve improvements for the Rubber or Plastic Moulded Parts or hose assemblies or Moulded Hoses to be manufactured by making adjustments to the design. Gladly, the changes can be made by the customer himself or with the assistance of our engineers and designers. The finished design takes into account:

  • all corrections based on the first drawing
  • all adjustments that are the basis of a good production and
  • all necessary adjustments to the tool
  • all necessary guidelines especially for hose assemblies

SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Entwicklung von GummiformteilenSCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Entwicklung und Konstruktion Profiltechnik Schaumstoffprofile

For all product areas of SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik, we take into account your specific delivery and logistics requirements in addition to the finalization of the design/sampling.

  • required transport and packaging materials
  • parts packaging and value added services
  • scheduled deliveries up to "just in time" production

With the finished design and clarification of the schedule on the customer's side, we begin, if desired, with the development of a prototype as the basis for subsequent series production.

SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Entwicklung und Konstruktion Ätztechnik und FeinlasertechnikSCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik Kompetente Beratung Schlauchtechnik

We use the most advanced technologies and have a high level of methodological expertise. This shortens the development phases and optimizes the "time to market" process. Find your suitable contact person here now.

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