Hose testing on site and in the test center

The hose testing service is a special offer from SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik GmbH. Companies from various industries benefit from our stationary hose testing and our on-site hose testing. During on-site hose testing, our qualified inspectors check hoses and fittings directly on location. This helps to minimize downtimes, increase safety and save costs.

Our certified inspectors at SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik are experts in initial and repeat inspections. They are not only trained in testing and repair, but are also available to provide comprehensive information on hose technology.

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Our on-site testing service, carried out by our specialists, significantly reduces machine downtimes and helps you to meet legal obligations smoothly. Regular inspections of your hose lines are prescribed by the manufacturer. For chemical, food, metal and steam hose assemblies, repeat inspections at fixed intervals similar to a TÜV inspection are mandatory. SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik specializes in mobile testing and has the know-how, the equipment and, above all, hose specialists with all the necessary approvals and extensive experience!

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• Compliance with legal regulations
• Replacement of defective hose lines
• Assembly service on site
• Testing at your factory
• Minimization of downtimes
• Advice on hoses and their useBunten startseite Vigot schlauch pfleil

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Our additional service: The hose register

Hose lines are recorded in a hose register. This allows you to see historically when which hose was tested. The chronological sequence and lists for upcoming inspections are important components of a smooth and fast inspection. Our service enables you to plan optimally.

With our testing service, you fulfill your responsibilities in the best possible way and make a significant contribution to protecting employees and the environment. Tested and functional hose lines are crucial for the long-term economic operation of your systems.

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How to recognize a tested hose line

Schlauchpruefung erkennenSCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik with the VIGOT® brand has made safety its top priority - "Safety first". This includes professionally qualified training in accordance with "Qualified person according to Betr.SichV §2 para. 7 or TRBS 1203". Regular inspections, supported by maintenance contracts, are a prerequisite for the use of hose lines in machinery and contribute to the safety of man and machine, thus minimizing downtimes. The periodic inspections take place on site.

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Test center for hose testing

The test centers at SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik have various test rigs available, some of which meet the requirements of ultra-high-pressure hydraulics. In addition, we have an underwater leak testing system which is used for testing metal and rubber hoses, particularly where weld seams are present. All equipment is up-to-date and regularly updated. We can test hoses of different lengths.

The evaluation is always carried out with a graphical test curve and the generation of a pressure certificate, which is handed over to the customer. Even larger capacities of hose lines can be processed within a short time without any problems during stationary testing.

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• First-class equipped test center
• Test pressure certificates up to 4000 bar
• Leak tests with air under water
• Unmistakable marking of the products
• Endoscopy and analyses
• Very high testing capacity

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