Perfectly fitting profiles through customer-specific developments

Perfectly fitting profiles through customer-specific developments
The production of profile standard shapes, special shapes and individual special profiles in our German factories is part of the core business of SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik. We produce flat strips, angles, tubes and square tubes, hollow, plug-in and connecting profiles according to customer specifications.

Profiles are manufactured almost exclusively according to drawing-based specifications. We select the most suitable manufacturing method together with you according to profile size, complexity, surface finish, tolerance and the required batch size. Thanks to the combination of consulting, design and production in one hand, our customers have access to a wide range of products.

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Variety of raw materials and production techniques

SCHAUENBURG Profile Technology is manufactured from many different materials and qualities, including plastic, natural rubber, silicone, soft PVC, PE rigid foam and composite materials. We supply standard plastic profiles up to 6 meters in length from stock at any time. We produce 2K profiles, 3K profiles, 4K profiles or 5K profiles - according to your specifications and drawings. 

Thanks to the wide range of our manufacturing technologies, we are very happy to produce special profile shapes and sophisticated composites. This also includes magnetic tapes and magnetic profiles as standard or individual special profiles. The magnetization of the tapes and profiles is carried out according to the customer's specifications in N, NS, NSN, NSNS or another variation. The tapes are made of a combination of iron ferrite with rubber and are - like almost all profiles from us - also available self-adhesive.

Profile technology production methods used

  • Extrusion: foam or multi-component extrusion
  • Vulcanization: joint, corner or frame vulcanization
  • Finishing: punching, milling, cutting and notching
  • Bonding: Component bonding, self-adhesive assembly aids
  • Hot or cold lamination

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We support our customers along the entire value-added and production chain - from conception to prototype design, production and packaging of the goods to delivery.

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Possible applications indoors and outdoors

Profiles made of plastic and other materials can be processed very efficiently and sustainably. Our plastic profiles are used, for example, in window and facade technology and enhance modern home design with attractive angle profiles, cover strips and round bars. Profiles made of rubber are mainly used in mechanical and plant engineering, in the automotive sector and in the solar industry.

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