Safety First - from the rail to the train

Under the traditional VIGOT® brand, we create excellent hose connections for many areas of application in rail transport technology. With the safety concept "Safety First", we guarantee excellent quality of all materials, functions and performance for the products of SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik. With the MAXIMALL® system, we offer an extra industry-specific range for the Railway Technology segment.

At SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik, you can obtain solutions from the areas of Hose Technology, Moulded Rubber Parts, Plastic Injection Moulding Parts, Profile and Sealing Technology, as well as Etching and Fine Laser Technology. The products have fire protection approvals according to EN45545-2. MAXIMALL® Railway Technology Hoses and Fire Protection Hoses F88SC and VIGOSIL are classified according to requirement sets R22/R23/R24 HL3 and are also certified with ISO15540.

Further information can also be found on our "Certificates and Approvals" page.

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For absolute safety

SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik operates ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001 certified. In addition to our railroad engineering certifications, we have been approved as an authorized individual confectioner for various classification societies. These include Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's Register, De Norske Veritas and others. We are authorized to manufacture and supply hose assemblies and issue certificates in our own name. This means that there is no longer any need for individual approval on site. In addition, we have approvals from the Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung (BWB).

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Special products for Railway Technology

Together with our expert partners, you can find an initial overview below of the extensive range of our product portfolio.


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  • Applications

    1. Pantographs
    2. Air contioning
    3. Heating and Cooling Circuit system
    4. Fire protection system
    5. Sand brake
    6. Wheel flange lubrication
    7. Diesel Power Package


    8. Hydraulic brake
    9. Battery cooling system
    10. Hydrostatics
    11. Pneumatic brake 
    12. Bathroom-sanitary water treatment
    13. Doors, windows, edge protection
    14. Wagon connection


    15. Sealing Technology
    16. Plastic parts for control cabinets
    17. Tube lines and connections
    18. Exhaust and ventilation
    19. Water circuits
    20. Other drawing parts rubber/plastic
    21. Rail construction, treatment

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  • Rail hoses for best connections

    MAXIMALL® Railway Hoses for rail technology offer a customer-oriented selection of hoses and assembled hose lines. Combined with fittings and accessories from our company, we cover the entire range for railroad operations. This includes hoses for a wide range of applications from on-board hydraulics, air conditioning, heating and cooling circuit systems and sanding brakes to wheel flange lubrication and pantographs. All hoses and hose systems comply with the current EN and DIN guidelines for railroad technology.
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  • Application examples

    · Hydraulic Hose
    · Suction and pressure hose
    · Waste water hose
    · Cooling water hose
· Cable protection hose
· Fuel hose
· Compressed air hose
    · Drinking water hose
    · Moulded hose
    · Brake coupling hose
    · Fire protection hose

    Railroad hoses in the e-catalog

    The complete selection of hoses can be found in our e-catalog including further technical information and data.

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  • Couplings

    For many decades we have been an authorized dealer, distributor and assembler for couplings in rail transport and railroad technology. All couplings in our range guarantee reliable torque transmission, are easy to maintain, have a long service life and can reliably limit all forces and torques involved. Combined with other included safety elements, our couplings prevent potential damage to the driveline due to possible overloads - the coupling becomes an "airbag" for your machine.

  • Fittings and screw connections

    · Pipe fittings according to DIN 2353 and VEBEO
    · Special fittings and step sizes
    · Ball valves and shut-off valves
    · Solder and threaded fittings made of MS/red brass and copper
    · Adapters, transition pieces and reducers
    · Flexmaster (elastic pipe connections)


    Downloads and technical documents on Hose Technology for rail transport can be found here.

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  • Roadbed broom hose

    The MAXIMALL® railbed broom hose is made of natural rubber and is used in the ballast broom plough for railbedcleaning. The hose is supplied as an extruded version with fabric pattern on the outside and without an insert. It is highly abrasion resistant and equally suitable for use in cold and hot temperatures.

  • Railbed cleaning

    Our hoses and moulded parts for cleaning railbeds can withstand the highest demands. They are weatherproof, abrasion and wear resistant and have a particularly high tear propagation resistance. We offer railbed broom hoses, rubber-coated steel wire ropes in various outside diameters and lengths, and rubber stars for railbeds as moulded parts.



    Downloads and technical documents on Hose Technology for rail transport can be found here.

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  • Flexmaster

    Flexmaster are elastic pipe connections in the low-pressure range and are perfectly suited for tightly connecting the pipe ends of all types of construction elements. Flexmaster pipe connections can withstand an operating pressure of up to 15 bar, compensate for both positive and negative misalignments, and can be used in a very wide temperature range from cold to hot without any problems. They are also suitable for high vibration applications. We supply Flexmaster connections in a wide range of lengths, designs and nominal diameters (DN) - just contact us with your technical data.

  • Areas of application

    · Elastic pipe connection for low pressure applications
    · Compensate misalignment of pipes in plants
    · Absorbing movements of pipes in relation to each other
    · Suitable for cooling water and cooling air systems
    · Repair of defective piping
    · Connections with vibration exposure

  • SB IndTec C Bahntechnik Walform System

  • Walform®

    Choose the Walform® tube forming system for the most demanding applications with high pressure and strong vibrations, where safety is especially important.

  • The tube system

    The Walform® tube connection ensures leak-free performance through double sealing (soft-sealing and metallic) and is specifically designed to ensure lasting reliability even under loads with high dynamic pressure and vibration.



    Downloads and technical documents on Hose Technology for rail transport can be found here.

Product selection in the e-catalog

The e-catalog offers you a large selection of hoses. We are also delighted to receive your request for specific roll lengths. An upload function for drawings and other files is available for more detailed, special inquiries.

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Hose range and individual solutions

In the e-catalog you can browse our range of hoses and hose systems according to your requirements. Make your request for individual lengths, diameters and materials here as well - benefit from our professional advice, we will be delighted to call you back!

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  • Diverse offers

    SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik GmbH has been a valued supplier and system provider for a variety of manufacturing industries for decades. We supply our customers with innovative products in the fields of Hose Technology, Moulded Rubber Parts, Plastic Injection Moulding, Profile and Sealing Technology as well as Etching and Fine Laser Technology. This also includes the assembly of components and the development of customized special solutions.

  • Concepts and procucts „Made in Germany“

    Our company headquarters and production facilities are all located within Germany. Due to the proximity of our locations to each other as well as to our customers, you as our customer benefit from the continuous exchange of experience and knowledge transfer within the SCHAUENBURG Group. With strategic investments in new technologies and machines and in the level of training of our employees, we are always able to deliver the best quality absolutely on time throughout Europe.

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  • Hose Technology

    Under the VIGOT® brand, hose technology has been one of the most important domains of SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik for over 50 years.

    · Moulded Hoses and material sold by the metre
    · Large selection of materials
    · Own fittings made of metal
    · Online hose configurator

  • Plastic Injection Moulding

    We have an in-house, fully automated production facility for moulded plastic parts of the highest quality for a wide range of industrial applications.

    · Seals and plastic parts
    · 24/7 production possible
    · Development and production from a single source
    · Prototype and small series production

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  • Rubber Moulded Parts

    We realize moulded rubber parts by injection moulding, compression moulding or transfer moulding in different qualities for custom-made precise solutions, including metal.

    · Wide range of applications
    · Different materials
    · Various shore hardnesses
    · Individual coloring

  • Sealing Technology

    Depending on the requirement profile and intended use, we produce individually manufactured seals of all types as well as for insulating parts, blanks, strips or larger panels.

    · Insulation and cover
    · Vibration and rattle protection
    · Padding and insulation
    · Sealing and gasket

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  • Rubber Profiles

    Our profile systems made of natural rubber, silicone, soft PVC, PE rigid foam and other materials are used in a wide range of industries.

    · Window and door systems
    · Facade insulation
    · Vehicle and railroad industry
    · Filter and pipe technology

  • Etching and Fine Laser Technology

    With the combination of etching technology and laser technology, we offer production processes for workpieces made of metal with maximum precision down to the hundredth of a millimeter.

    · Metal cuts
    · Complex metal parts
    · Precision components
    · Perfect surfaces

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Hidden Champion with tradition: Fire protection hose F88

Safety first in case of fire

For almost half a century, the VIGOT® F88 fire protection hose from SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik has been the hidden champion among the brand's products. The products of the F88 hose family offer reliable protection for the functional integrity of media and energy-carrying hoses and cables in the event of a fire.

The F88 fire protection hose type SC is available as extruded hose with silicone coating. The Basalt Eco variant made of natural basalt fibers is particularly environmentally friendly. The F88SC-Flex has a flexible and expandable fabric construction and, as an open cover, also has closure strips for subsequent installation.

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Robust and resilient

The coatings of the F88SC are resistant to oils and solvents, can withstand heavy mechanical loads and have good abrasion resistance. The fire protection hose has fire protection tests and certifications from DNV, among others, and complies with the regulations and requirements of railroad technology EN45545-2 and ISO 15540.

For more information about the fire protection hose, please visit the separate website www.fire-sleeve-f88.com

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