Extruded or coiled for geometries of any kind

Moulded hoses are always used when ordinary industrial hoses reach the limits of their range of applications. Our highly elastic molded hoses fulfill almost all imaginable geometries and can easily carry practically all media, whether liquid, gaseous, containing oil or grease, aggressive, hot or cold. The starting material used withstands temperatures of up to 120 °C. If the material is reinforced with EPDM or silicone, loads of up to 200 °C are possible.

Our manufacturing processes are extrusion or coiling. We offer moulded hoses with and without commercial reinforcements and spirals. Optionally, additional thread inserts, branches and, depending on the selection, fuel-resistant and chemical-resistant materials are available.

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  • Moulded hoses extruded

    Extrusion takes place on mandrel dies or mandrel-less. From the hose core via fabric reinforcement to extrusion of the hose cover, the blank is mounted on the mandrel die. The moulded hose is then vulcanized, demoulded and cut to size. The resulting smooth or grooved surface is characteristic of extruded moulded hoses.

    Whether air conditioning, gas station, cooling/heating system or ventilation system - as specialists for moulded hoses, hose elbows and hose rings, we produce individually manufactured hose solutions in all required qualities. 

  • Materials/Advantages:

    · NBR / HNBR
    · EPDM
    · CR
    · FPM/FKM (Viton®)
    · Silicone
    · AEM
    · NBR/PVC

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  • Areas of application:

    · Abrasion-resistant suction and transport hoses
    · Food and drinking water tested hoses
    · Antistatic and dissipative hoses
    · Temperature resistant hoses 
    · Chemical resistant hoses
    · Pneumatic hoses
    · Lined pipes and pipe bends
    · Connection and joining technology

  • Industries:

    · Chemical
    · Automotive
    · Shipbuilding
    · Offshore
    · Rail transport
    · Aerospace
    · Food production

From prototype to series

At SCHAUENBURG we accompany our customers from the first hand sketch to the finished series production. We create concept drawings, production drawings as well as the corresponding material lists. Based on this, we quickly build the first sample and prepare the initial sample inspection reports (EMPB). In series production, we rely on computer-aided process documentation and complete batch traceability, coupled with continuous quality monitoring.

Professional handling: Send your inquiry now

In order to manufacture your molded hose, we would first like to get to know you and your individual requirements better. To do so, please use our contact form and tell us your wishes regarding material quality, application and required call-off quantity without any obligation. Get in contact.

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  • Wound moulded hoses

    Wound moulded hoses are generally of higher quality and durability than extruded hoses. They have a resistant fabric structure on the outside and are therefore more dimensionally stable. By spirally wrapping the mandrel die with rubber bands and subsequent vulcanization, subsequent demoulding and cutting to size, we achieve a high quality and dimensionally stable moulded rubber hose.

    The coiled moulded hoses are particularly popular in the automotive sector, in machine and engine construction and for air-conditioning systems. Our demand-oriented production in small and large series according to your drawings ensures smooth processes in your production chain.

  • Materials/Advantages:

    · EPDM
    · NBR/PVC
    · CSM
    · NBR/HNBR
    · ECO
    · FOPM
    · CR
    · PA 66

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  • Areas of application:

    · Fresh water, seawater and dirty water
    · Fire water and cleaning mixtures
    · Acidic and alkaline media
    · Hot and cold air conditioning media
    · Aggressive oils and greases

  • Industries:

    · Construction
    · Steel and glass works
    · Agriculture
    · Fire departments
    · Fuel processing
    · Waste water treatment

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Applications for Moulded Hoses

Moulded rubber hoses are used in many different industrial sectors and industries. Thanks to their flexibility, they are particularly well suited for transporting liquids and solids (as powder or granules) and thus offer a major advantage over static piping made of metal or plastic. Whether elastic or abrasion-resistant, or particularly resistant to mechanical, thermal or chemical stresses - the variety of rubber specifications makes moulded hoses suitable for almost unlimited applications.

Customized rubber moulded hoses can be supplied in various winding processes as hand-assembled flexible moulded hoses, starting from a batch size of one. Based on decades of experience, the SCHAUENBURG development and consulting team of competent engineers and technicians knows what is important for moulded hoses. Our specialties are special geometric tasks such as demanding outer contours or high vibration loads. When do you challenge us?

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