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Variety and precision for every requirement

Depending on the requirements profile and the intended purpose, we can produce individually manufactured stamped parts for you.
Whether it’s the shortest, short or long production runs, the results will comply precisely with your specifications down to the smallest detail. With our many years of experience in engineering, we of course also support you in developing prototypes. Our range covers flat seals and gaskets, stamped seals and gaskets, gasket frames and rubber seals in the form of rings and also insulation parts, pieces cut to size, strips or larger plates. Profitability and sustainability are major quality features of our solutions.

With our modern machinery we have a large number of methods available for the production of stamped parts. In addition to complete cutting, steel strip cutting, sharp cutting and scissor cutting, we also have plotting and water jet cutting.
Depending on the requirement, stamped parts may be manufactured on a CNC press, a swivel arm press, a gantry press or a travelling head press. We will be happy to advise you on the material and the best manufacturing process.

  • Stamped parts for insulation, covering, upholstering, damping, as spacers, rattle protection, vibration protection and much more besides.
  • The latest production processes, provision of input materials and the option of rapid tool manufacture
  • Solutions for all customers’ requirements
  • Delivery in the most varied thicknesses and smooth-edged
  • Rapid production and delivery of any desired volumes
Stamped parts: Rubber and plastic e.g. insulation, upholstering, rattle protection

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