Supporting client processes in a targeted manner

A major element of our work is the development of services that can be optimally integrated into our industrial clients’ various processes. One excellent example of this is our subassembly services. With the individual bringing together and finishing of construction kits and subassemblies we support you in your requirement for accelerated and cost-efficient work processes. We take care of quality control. Everything is ready for rapid assembly exactly as required and from the first to the last stage.

Our logistical support is the ideal addition. Kanban warehouses are a tried and tested option for ensuring the availability of products and to increase the profitability of stockholding by an exclusive orientation towards the actual consumption of the material.

  • Kitting/subassemblies
  • Finishing
  • Quality control
  • Logistical support
  • Kanban warehouses

Talk to us about your ideas of an assembly group composition or a need-based stocking of products. We are open for your desires! Find your suitable contact person right here.

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