Optimized Rubber-Metal Combinations for Versatile Requirements

In industrial technology, rubber-metal compounds are used to combine the specific properties of both materials. The metal ensures high strength, while the elastomer gives the compound elasticity and malleability. Our range includes rubber-metal compounds made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, zinc and various rubber materials such as CR, NBR, EPDM, NR and silicone. And we offer various coatings for the surfaces of the parts in order to meet your specific requirements 100% at all times.

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  • Your advantages:

    · Rubber-metal moulded parts in a composite system
    · Cost and time savings
    · Flexibility and dimensional stability
    · Highest material quality
    · High level of safety thanks to precise fit
    · Reliable and highly resilient
    · Various surface coatings

  • Possible materials:

    · Steel, stainless steel
    · Aluminum, brass
    · Titanium, zinc
    · Rubber such as CR, NBR, EPDM, NR
    · Silicone materials

Wide range of applications

From axle control arm mounts to control cabinet mounts - rubber-to-metal connections from SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik are used in a wide range of applications. The materials used offer maximum adaptability and are ideally suited to industries such as automotive, energy and e-mobility, mechanical engineering and food technology. Regardless of your industry and requirements, we are your reliable partner for rubber-to-metal connections.

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    Questions about your project?

    Do you have any questions or do you need customized rubber-metal solutions? Do not hesitate to contact us! To the contact persons. To the contact persons.

  • Application areas:

    · Axle-arm bearings
    · Collision and impact protection
    · Bump stops
    · Seals, sealing plates
    · Torsional vibration dampers
    · Decoupling for centrifuges in laboratory technology
    · Rubber joints
    · Rubber-metal buffers
    · Vibration dampers
    · Chassis mounts
    · Instrument mounts
    · Cab suspension
    · Structure-borne noise and vibration isolation
    · Machine mounts
    · Engine and gearbox mounts
    · Parabolic buffers, primary buffers
    · Switch cabinet mounts
    · Shock absorption
    · Support bearing

  • Industries:

    · Automotive
    · Construction machinery
    · Karts
    · Air conditioning
    · Crane systems
    · Laboratory technology
    · Agricultural machinery
    · Mechanical engineering
    · Machines for industrial cleaning
    · Engine construction
    · Commercial vehicles
    · Rail vehicles
    · Heavy-duty vehicles
    · Wind power plants

Automotive and commercial vehicles: Bump stops

Example: Trunk


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Your advantages with SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik

SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik is a leading European supplier of rubber-to-metal bondings with over 50 years of experience. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and in-depth expertise in the manufacture of rubber-to-metal bondings, we guarantee the highest quality and precision. Flexibility, customized products and short delivery times make SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik the ideal partner for rubber-to-metal bondings.

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