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Technically accurate and quality assured

We distinguish ourselves by our high level of engineering expertise. We have the experience and the technical know-how to support you in a secure and targeted manner with the development of individual products. Careful planning includes clarifying the issue of materials. Especially difficult product requirements may often be achieved only with a particular grade of rubber or plastic. Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of materials we are in a position to give you first-class advice and to recommend the best material.

Your new product is developed and designed in accordance with your individual requirements. We select the appropriate production process, the materials and the tools. Quality assurance is assured. This provides the base for economical and sustainable production.

  • Many years of engineering expertise
  • Comprehensive knowledge of materials
  • Selection of the ideal material
  • Development and design
  • Quality assurance

Talk to us about your requirements and ideas! Our engineering expertise makes us the reliable partner from the start on all projects.