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Reliable through to readiness for production

Readiness for production is demonstrated by the combination of perfect product characteristics and absolutely constant quality in continuous production. We bring your product to the point of readiness for production regardless of whether it will be produced in short runs or large volumes. The development and manufacture of C parts for the automotive sector is a persuasive example of this capability. Recent findings from research and development are an element of the advice on technical applications.

Following the development of the prototype, mass production can commence. Development and production are perfectly integrated with each other. The tools are optimally suited to the required quality and useful life of the products. Our production sites are very flexible and modern and they are also designed for high and low capacity utilisation. Every order is fulfilled just-in-time.

  • Development of prototypes and samples
  • Optimum integration of development and production
  • Production sites with high capacity
  • Great flexibility
  • Punctual delivery

Whatever ideas you have in mind, we support you with our know-how through to readiness for production and offer you production with assured quality. Send us your wishes and inquiries directly: Click here for the contact form.

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