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C+L_Industrietechnik_C-Teilen_Automobilindustrie_24/7-Fertigung_2K-Spritzguss C+L_Industrietechnik_Kunststoff_Rüstzeit_KunststoffformteileC+L_Industrietechnik_Fertigung_Produktion_Stanzen_24-Stunden-ProduktionC+L_Industrietechnik_Fertigung_Produktion_Kunststoff_Kaliber

C+L_Industrietechnik_Ökonomie_Ökologie_Maschinenpark_Anspritzpunkte-KunststoffeIn the production of moulded plastic parts economy and ecology are inseparably linked. The new machine facilities have equipment that makes optimum use of the processed materials. Small plastic injection points and minor plastic residues (retaining residues) that are returned back into production show evidence of ecological action. Only as much residual granulate is added to the product for the material properties to meet the required quality profile absolutely. Prescribed tolerances are of course complied with 100 per cent. Optimised machine retooling times also promote the economic efficiency of the production processes. That means sustainability – right from the start.